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What is the state of the cement walkways leading to your door? If they have been there for a while, it’s possible that they have started to bend or buckle, turning a once smooth walkway into a trip hazard.

This might have happened due to weather changes, erosion or tree roots working their way underneath the walkway.

Maybe you feel like having the walkway dug out, removed and then poured again is going to be too costly and time consuming. In that case, mudjacking might be something for you. Mudjacking is a process in which holes are drilled into an existing cement walkway, after which a mix of water, soil and cement is pumped through to level the walkway. This will be much cheaper and quicker than any other procedure. It is however important that you get a reputable company to do the work, since improper mudjacking could damage pipes and wires underneath the walkway.

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