When it comes to water pressure, you will have problems whether it is too low or too high. Of course, it’s easier to notice when your pressure is low, especially if it takes a long time to fill up a glass of water or if your shower has no power. In reality, however, having too high water pressure is a much more serious problem. The sweet spot for your water pressure is at 50 psi, but it can have a 10% variance and still be ok. If your pressure is low, there might be a pressure regulator that is set too low. A pressure regulator is installed to prevent high water pressure from damaging your appliances and faucets, but if it is set too low, this can be very irritating.

When you do adjust your water regulator, you should only do so in small increments to avoid causing damage.

On the other hand, if your pressure is too high, and you don’t have a pressure regulator, you should have one installed as soon as possible.

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