As boring as it may sound, an electric grill can still make a decent burger. And it’s probably the safest grill you will ever use. Since there is no open flame, there is no danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. There is no fuel, so hazards with fuel storage and handling don’t exist. There is also no need to use lighter fluid or any other starter.

As with any electric tool or appliance, be cautious when using an extension cord. Keep the cord out of walking paths. This helps prevent a trip hazard. Always unplug it when not in use. In general, make sure it’s being used in a safe place. Keep it away from kids, keep it away from pets, and keep it away from friends who have been drinking too much. If it’s hot enough to cook meat, it’s hot enough to burn people.

Be careful with these immediately after use. They stay hot, but there is usually no indicator that they are still hot. This can be especially dangerous for children.

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