A good number of home buyers decide to purchase an older home, something that they will be able to fix up but, at the same time, maintain the charm and character that a lot of older homes possess. This can be a very exciting project to embark on, however, anyone who is interested in this kind of home renovation project should also be aware of the potential problems they could encounter with an older home. Let’s consider some of the problems you are likely to encounter.

As we know, with the development of technology, we have discovered a lot more about the dangers of some of the materials which were used in construction years ago. Many old homes, particularly those that have had the same owner for years, will likely still have many of these dangerous materials in the home. So, what are some things you should be concerned about? Electrics and wiring will very often not be of a good standard which can present a fire risk. In the 1960s and early 70s aluminum wiring was often used but over time defects were found with it. Another issue with older homes is lead paint. This is particularly problematic when the paint is in poor condition and is peeling and chipping. In the 1930s to 50s asbestos insulation was generally used in homes. The majority of us are well aware of the dangers asbestos presents when its fibers become airborne. Yet another problem that is likely to be found with an older home is radon gas which is a big cause of lung cancer. While radon is not noticeable by sight or smell, a radon test will tell you whether radon is a problem in the home.

These are just a few of the complications you are likely to find with an older building. So then, before you go ahead and purchase an older home, be sure you are conscious of these issues and put a budget in place for the professional removal etc. of these old materials. Finally, make sure you have the home inspected before you buy so you know exactly what to be prepared for.

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